Samsung UHD UA78HU9800 HDTV


Samsung UHD UA78HU9800 HDTV

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New Samsung UHD UA78HU9800 HDTV wholesale price in China : US$499

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The main parameters
Product positioning LED TV, 3 d TV, Internet TV, smart TV, high-definition television, su***ce of TV
78 - inch sacreen size
4 k resolution (3840 * 2160)
16:9 screen ratio
Backlight type LED light-emitting diodes
Recommend viewing distance of 5.0 meters
Image parameters
Image mode football: advanced
Image technology sharp core graphics engine
High qing LAN accused of light
Black control technique for elite
Super beautiful technology enhancements
The depth of field optimization automatically
Audio parameters
Sound system Dolby * MS11
DTS Premium Sound 5.1
The output power 70 w
The speaker woofer
Sound characteristics of 3 d sound, HD audio
Function parameters
Intelligent application of intelligent on-demand center, intelligent application center, intelligent information center, social TV, smart audio-visual center, web browsers, smart browsing 2.0
Smart + connected a screen double enjoy: double screen, voice control, built-in camera, face recognition, gesture, intelligent interactive Apps, wireless image
3 d display support
Support USB media player, video/audio/image
The inte***ce parameters
Network inte***ce 1 x network inte***ce
USB 3 by USB inte***ce
Other 1 x component input inte***ce
2 x the *** input (one with color difference input inte***ce sharing)
1 x digital audio output (optical fiber)
Smart hub inte***ce
WiFi direct
Built-in wireless network adapter
The Anynet + (HDMI CEC) is a key control
Power consumption parameters
Power performance AC 220-240 - v, 50/60 hz
Product power 380 w
Standby power consumption 0.4 W
The hardware configuration
Quad-core CPU
Other parameters
The remote control TM1490A
Appearance design: design paraselene time and space design
Frame type: narrow bezel
The base type: arc T base
Installation can be hanging
The fuselage size containing the base: 1754.2 * 1069.9 * 1069.9 mm
Does not contain the base: 1754.2 * 1023.3 * 1023.3 mm
Packaging size 1903 * 1181 * 435 mm
Body weight with base: 51.1 kg
Does not contain the base: 44.5 kg
Packing weight 65.9 kg
Other properties desciption of boot
Super quad-core
ConnectShare (USB) 2.0 multimedia playback functions: video/audio/image
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